RLT: Kansas! (There yet?  Day 1)

RLT: Kansas! (There yet? Day 1)

1 Sep 2021

So… this will be our big trip for the year. Hey, every wonder what to pack for a long motorcycle trip? We break things into two chunks: personal stuff, and common stuff. Personal things are, well, personal. Normal stuff like clothes and those hygiene items supporting civil society. Two people, two saddle bags, works out perfect. She gets the right, I get the left. That leaves the top case for common things. This space is filled with water and snacks, the computer, camera, and drone, plus those items specific to meeting the particular challenges of riding: rain gear, jacket liners, and a few tools. When it’s all done it looks about like this…

Personal Things
Personal Things (x2)
Common Things

Ok, everything packed up and on the bike, time to go!

Ready to roll!
Ready to roll!

After a few hours in the saddle it’s good to get off and stretch a bit, walk around some and work the kinks out – and isn’t this randomly appropriate??? Here is our first stop, I’m telling you real life is stranger than fiction. There is no way you could ever plan this stuff!

Not allowed to come, so unfair!
Not allowed to come, so unfair!

Lunch stop… and a wonderful find at that. Absolutely love these places that are NOT chains or some kind of syndication of blahness. Unique foods and atmospheres owned by real people who are there every day ‘making it work’.

The gal that owned the restaurant spent some time in Michigan before following family back east. Having grown up the the Midwest it was so much fun to hear her talk about living there and the things she noticed as someone looking in.

I would encourage you to deliberately shift from the ‘bigs’ to the ‘smalls’ if you don’t already follow this pattern. Most of the complaints about inequality and the injustice of the 1% are made by people who’s purchasing decisions create the those very same 1%. Stop! Buy local from a small business and guess what? The curve flattens.

Oh, this was good :-)  (ginger brew)
Oh, this was good :-).
Variety is the spice of life!  Pickapeppa and Habenero Pinapple Sauce :-)
Variety is the spice of life!

Well, we delayed the rain gear as long as possible, caught a few drops here and there over the last few miles then eventually ran into this. Stop and suited up… It’s really not that nice riding inside a ‘zip lock bag’ through a sauna! While no rain gets in, it’s still not exactly dry so I’m not sure what the real point of the rain gear is???

Left over Ida
Left over hurricane Ida

Really didn’t take that long to break out the other side of the storm. So incredible to watch the wispy little clouds forming, fading, and reforming in the river valley. What a dynamic and incredible world we live in.

Just had to pull over and attempt to capture the scene unfolding on the right. As is typical, the photo just can’t do it justice, but perhaps it’s enough to trigger your minds eye… Wooded hills surrounding this mountain meadow filled with lush verdant grasses soaking up the rain and absorbing the sunshine. The sun breaking through the clouds over this landscape is such a lovely sight.

Mountain meadow green
Signs like these warm my heart and cause my wrist to twitch :-)
Signs like these warm my heart and cause my wrist to twitch 🙂
Made it!
Time to check in…
… to this wonderful room.
Cozy ….
…. and oh so comfortable!
Good Night!

Route details in this interactive map. Enjoy!