RLT: Carolina Loop – Day 3

RLT: Carolina Loop – Day 3

3 Dec 2022

Wonderful visit with my cousin. Talked and talked, so much fun to catch up. We have not been close over the years then finally reconnected. Definitely have to stop back soon. Just look at that spread for breakfast – including some fun :-).

Breakfast says it all…
Hummm, another train day. Theme?
Now that’s a house! Love that look

Turns out it was a picture rich day so I’ll swap to gallery mode. First stop, a Seaboard Air Line Railroad depot built in 1914 on the Columbia — Cheraw line. I pulled around back to park for photos and cracked up after reading the sign. I don’t think there are enough cars in the town to fill the lot! Cute. Unfortunately the building was closed for the weekend.

Riding along out in the middle of nowhere and this place pops up. I suppose it’s kind of a farm to table place, but also a crazy museum. A LOT of vehicles plus smattering of this and that. Guys imagine running that saw for a day, and ladies would you be enveloped with that octopus to treat your locks? Then there’s the pre-historic blogging machine. Too funny.

One last stop before arriving at friends – South of the Border. It’s quite a different flavor coming up on it from a side road vs the freeway. Have to say it was a little sad to see the state of this place. When we visited years ago it was bustling, not so much now. Still kinda neat but clearly in decline. Shame if it goes away, it’s one of those classy trashing touristy kind of things. Makes me wonder why some flourish and other fade?

Certainly more eventful that expected. A lot going on over this stretch of road, always a wonder. I’ve said it often, but it’s a true as ever: get out there and explore, never know what you might find! Follow along the route today if you like. Enjoy!