RLT: Tennessee Two

RLT: Tennessee Two

26-27 May 2023

Long ride, short time. Also, have to admit, it actually turned out to be two days and change, in order to take a little edge off of day one we headed out after work the night before. Made it over the river and through a few woods to give a little more flexibility on the ‘real’ day one, glad we were able to do that.

Camper life!

Starting from the camper, deep in southern Maryland for this trip, all the more reason to get out the door a little early and roll a few miles up. We made it to Orange before it got to be oh so late, a respectable bit. That puts us right up against the mountains in the morning :-).

Couldn’t help but stop and take a peek at this little place. We have already had some breakfast, it’s early, and we really don’t have a lot of time so we just enjoyed with a couple of photos, stretched our legs, and on we went. Certainly will stop again if the opportunity presents on a future trip.

First stop out of Orange
Cute little place…
… with some home grown love!
Close now – need a small pick me up

Well, that was good. So close we thought about pushing through but needed a break – so we took one! As soon as we pulled into town headed downtown to walk about and see the sights. Founders Park was quite nice, love the public artwork. Do you think E. B. White has it right?

Made it!
Oh, look at this loveliness
How bright!
More murals
Yes, just like this
Open spaces
With coyotes,
and deer,
and even an eagle!
Kindred spirits

Nice visit, wonderful roads, much to fast. That should have been at least a six day trip – next time! Each journey is it’s own unique experience, savor them all. As always, map below, be encouraged to go out and explore your world…