Flight Training: Saturday Ride

Flight Training: Saturday Ride

15 Mar 2020

Well, session three of flight training went pretty well. I had a couple of ideas that I wanted to try so got the bike out and headed off to take a a few shots….

The first shot is from St Annes. Such a beautiful place, facing the sun, and absolutely charming. I was so proud of my flight around the side of the church!!! I actually took all the footage in one pass, so fun to have it go so right.

On the way out of the neighborhood there are a bunch of daffodils planted in the median. The bright yellow puts a smile on my face every time I ride by. This took lots of passes, for some reason I had the hardest time??? Ok, that’s it for the pre-planned stuff, now into wander mode.

What might work? As I was turning in front of Bert’s I noticed a very pretty weeping cherry tree. Lots of tries that didn’t work; attempting to incorporate the mailbox, reveal from above vs below. In the end a simple fly up – look up seemed best, and huge win that the sun was in the right place to catch the drone shadow. Some times lucky is just as effective as good :-). Oh, and I’m not the only one who thought that the tree was photo-worthy. As I was packing up a gal stopped along the main road and walked over with her SLR to capture a bit of spring beauty.

Final shot was flowering dogwoods. As I passed by this little access road into a small neighborhood I knew I had to stop and try… Parking on the corner of the lot I flew a few passes on the road side, but… the sun wasn’t right. There were a couple of guys working in the garage so I figured why not ask “can I take some pictures of your lovely trees?” Sure go ahead. Thank you kind sir….