RLT: West Virginia Loop, Day Zero

RLT: West Virginia Loop, Day Zero


1 Jul 2020

Well, getting a little bit restless for a longer trip. We have been out and about for some local and extended local rides, but have not had a chance to go long yet this summer – this weekend we’ll break free! Where? Thinking, thinking…. Well, we do have obligations at the land and we have not really explored West Virginia… How about mixing those two together? We can probably get a pretty decent loop with three days of riding in the north eastern part of the state then three days of work. Perfect.

So, how do you plan a three day motorcycle trip? All about priorities right? For us the primarily consideration is the ride, so roads matter most. No freeways unless there is some very good reason to do so, some of the old US highways are good, particularly in the mountains, but usually we are after state highways and smaller.

Day 1 Route Plan

We generally shoot for about 200 miles a day, on back roads that’s a pretty solid 5 hours of riding plus stops for fuel – bike and riders, stretches, some pictures, a local attraction or two… All and all that turns into an eight to ten hour day, that’s plenty, especially in the summer with predicted 90 degree days. So for this trip we are imagining a 600 mile loop.

Day 2 Route Plan

Ok, how to translate all that into a route? Look at the map :-). Rough it in and mark out the ‘best’ route. For this ride there is an added bit of complexity trying to avoid repeats around Yellow Spring already traveled. After a few tries it was looking like we make Keyser WV or there-about for the first night.

Day 3 Route Plan

Now zero it in by finding a place to stay – that can shift the route around some. Air B&B is hands down the first choice followed by standard Bed and Breakfast or house/cabin rental by owner from some web site or another. Chain hotel is a last resort when all other options have been exhausted. Being last minute on a holiday weekend was certainly working against us, but the big virus scare was solidly in the plus column. After a few searches it was looking pretty bleak :-/. This is back-woods-country at it’s finest, not a whole lot of lodging choices.

Route Context

Oh wait, Abrams Creek Campground has two cabins left – snatch one quick! But wait, a little dicey. These are real cabins – bare light bulb, no water, a mattress but bring your own bedding. That does present a little bit of a logistics challenge. Quick test pack of sheets, blanket, travel pillows, rain gear, sundries, clothes for two – yep we’re good! Book it Danno :-). Yes, that is lame, you youngsters will have to look it up L0L.

Putting it All Together

That was pretty tough find and the reviews included lots of ‘no cell coverage, no Internet’ comments so need to book day two now also. We should be able to get close to Harrisonburg VA, bigger town and along I-81 so likely more choices. Jack pot! Nice looking Air B&B outside of Staunton. Ok, plan locked in, we’ll launch after work, get camp set up, then roll the next morning…

We’re Off!

Just like that we’re ready and off! Well, after a bit of a rush to get everything together, last look at the check lists, bike on back, camper hooked up….

Packed and Rolling

Almost there, need a little fuel, then just a few more miles and a wake up. More to follow, can’t wait….

As always, enjoy exploring the route and looking around for where you may like to go on the map below. Also love to hear from you, feel free to add comments and conversation. Family friendly and gracious please, we want everyone to be able to enjoy…