RLT: Kansas! (Country Side Day 9)

RLT: Kansas! (Country Side Day 9)

9 Sep 2021

On we go… Plan for today is to cross Missouri and the southern tip of Illinois. Before all that, let’s see if we can find some breakfast? Oh, look at this, another success for sure.

Yep, this is the place
Nice bass!
Home made deliciousness

I’ve been watching the tires as we go and there’s a problem – not enough rubber! I put a fresh set on not too long before the trip, but I was experimenting and got a less expensive pair so see how they performed. Not great, bad choice. Ride is good, decent traction, but not going to make it home on these. So, looking for a place to get them swapped out. I was expecting to have to reroute to a big city like Louisville or Nashville but low and behold there is a BMW shop right on the way!!! Incredible. Called them this morning and asked if they could fit us in this afternoon on the way through, and they graciously agreed. Big thanks to Grass Roots BMW of Cape Girardeau! Outstanding support.

Babies got…
… a new pair of shoes

What’s this in the village square? Throwback Thursday! Old school British looking red phone booth, wonder if it works? Nope, unfortunately the phone is gone. Was uninstalled or stolen?

Really? How cool is that?
Oh oh, no calling here
We’re from the government, and we are here to help
Cute little cabin in the woods, score!

Well, that wraps up another fine day. Lots of riding on beautiful roads, none straight :-). Very rural, not a lot of commercial or obvious attractions so a little light on photos today. In fact, I was getting a bit nervous about where to stay – fortunate to find this place, but here we are and it’s fabulous. As always, map below. Enjoy!