+ GoPro

+ GoPro

28 Jul 2018

Added a GoPro to the camera line up, so experimenting a bit with how that works.  I posted the first three videos to YouTube, they are ok, it’s a skill like any other I suppose.  First take-away is that video is so very large (and slow).  Eeek.  I spent these first sessions trying to sort out a workflow that makes sense.  First up: I am a bit of a packrat by nature so deleting things is always a little hard but…. in this case it will be required.  There is no way I am going to leave all useless video laying around

Here are those first three…

Roads Less Traveled: Southern Maryland Countryside

I imagine that the GoPro will be used mostly for riding, but I suppose we may use it here and there for other things as well. Here is the first try – enjoy a little stretch of country road in southern Maryland.

Roads Less Traveled: Sunset

Little baby clip of a sunset along our ride the other night complete with splattered bug on the camera lens :-). Funny how the power lines were tuned out in real life but are so extremely distracting in the recorded video.

Roads Less Traveled: The Cove on Cobb Island

Rode down to Cobb Island and found this gem.  Lovely day for a ride and handn’t been down this way in years.  As we drove past it caught our eye so we decided to stop, how nice!  Got to meet the artist who decorated, how fun is that?  So, go and enjoy a visit too 🙂

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