RLT: MI & Back – Leg 1

RLT: MI & Back – Leg 1

Wednesday 1 Aug 2018

Well, by the time we got packed and ready it was 7… not too bad, only 2 hours late 😉 Hot (88 deg) muggy day… First impressions? Can definitely feel the extra weight. It’s not awkward or unwieldy so much as ‘just there’. I suppose that’s kind of the definition of inertia?

I took a little video along the way, the clouds east were quite pretty; big billowing puffy white in the evening sun. As we headed west the thunderstorms (forecast was rain in Winchester at 8:00) were also so very lovely.

Clouds on the Horizon
The beautiful clouds on the horizon…

As we continued along it wasn’t long before we rode under the clouds we were admiring earlier. It was fun to see the changes. Early they were heavy black and we could see the sun lighting up the edges, giving high lights. Later as the sun set and we were about to slide underneath it was just a pile of big black ominous storm clouds. Latter still little hints of red under the storm front way off in the west hinting that the rain would end and skies would clear…

Thunderstorm brewing
…began to darken and coalesce
Lightning strike!
Then came the lightning…
Lightning filling the cloud
…filling the clouds

Just before the rain began we looked to the right and it was obvious that it was pouring to the north. Deep blue/black streaking down from heavens to earth, God’s brush strokes I suppose. The scene is almost too dark but it really captures the darkness that descended as we passed under the clouds. Look carefully and notice the hints of purple dancing on the periphery amidst the black, a hope of relief from a deluge.

Purple velvet
Deep black with faintest purple relief

We even imagined that it might pass by without us getting wet, but not quite 🙂 Although it really wasn’t bad. We stopped at a gas station to put rain gear on, I just brought the jacket, and when we arrived in Winchester I wasn’t even wet – the jacket worked well and we were at speed so my lower half stayed mostly dry behind the fairing.

Air B&B host was wonderful, room very nice. About to go get a cup of coffee and breakfast then off we go!

Beautiful Colonial House
“Beautiful Colonial House” …
Front porch for sitting
… complete with a front porch made for sitting a spell

Seems a shame not to sit on the porch and relax, but today is the big day. Plan is to load up the front end of the trip with more miles while we are fresh then take a more leisurely pace later. We’ll see how that works!

Pecock feather

Additional pictures, stories, and details in this interactive map. Enjoy!