RLT: MI & Back – Leg 2

RLT: MI & Back – Leg 2

Thursday 2 Aug 2018

Morning started out with heavy low-lying clouds.  I overheard the host talking with her husband about ‘calling for heavy rain all day’, shoot!

Rolling out

We got down the road an hour or so before the rain started.  Climbing up that first ridge it was just overcast with a few drops, second a little more, third full on rain.  So reminded me of Germany… twisty roads in the mountains with the cloud just overhead, sometimes running through the clouds/fog.  Rain off and on, heavy at times.

Clouds and fog
Rain gear on
Too bad it's so wet!

I debated new rain gear before the trip.  I had some, but the pants leak.  Reputable brand, look good, feel good – and no obvious signs of wear or problems, just don’t work.  So I read review after review trying to figure out if that just the way it is or if new would actually keep me dry.  Brenda ordered hers and we got out one time with it – worked like a champ.  Unfortunately by then it was too late so I just had the jacket.  All that to say with the summer/mesh riding pants it worked out fine.  Wet, but not terribly uncomfortable.  A little cold.  The first trickle down ;-).  noooooooo, then a little more, then well ok, wet now back to riding.

Rounding a bend in a place called Cool Springs brings quite a surprise.  A gas station, no big deal.  General Store, less and less common but in these parts ok.  A tractor boneyard – ah, really?  Fabulous and sad at the same time.  With the overcast sky and the heavy shadows among the trees it felt somber.  These machines consigned to a slow wasting death in the elements on display for all to see…

Tractor 1
Tractor 2
Tractor 3
Tractor 4
Tractor 5

Gassed up and ready to continue… what will we find next?  Lovely roads, decreasing clouds, and?  A covered bridge :-).  How long does it take to get from Maryland to Michigan on roads like this?  Seems the key to this mode of travel is a relaxed perception of time.  Perhaps something to think about there?  I know, it’s not limitless, I don’t have that much, on and on. Yet…

Another picture perfect RLT
Covered bridge

Well, time to stretch the legs.  Coffee?

Coffee shop
So, what does this ‘cover’ tell you about the book?
Warm and inviting

Surprised at what’s inside?
Shelter, comfort, and peace
Intriguing for sure

On the way to the coffee shop we were stopped by a passing train… We pulled off the road onto a dirt parking lot next to the tracks to get a better look as the crossing guard came down, it was fun to ‘be a kid again’ hearing that big diesel coming, crossing bells dinging – then it came into sight; and the engineer waved and we waved back, just like the old days.  Gave me an idea. Would people do the came to us?

The train went by, the guards came up, all the cars the lined up shuffled over the tracks and on their way.  We started the bike and nosed back onto the road.  Right after the tracks we took a left, just because, and there on the porch were two old timers.  I waved and guess what?  They waved back.  It works.  Offer a gesture of welcome and it returns.  Not always of course, but it sure was fun to do and have the intimidate positive response.  Not just once, later in the day we waved at folks sitting out front and got another wave back.  A reminder to practice civility.

Vevet Ice Cream
Weirdest Ice Cream

We stopped and got some good healthy picnic food in town before stopping then pulled in right at closing time so… ran to see the museum quick, got a cone for desert then had dinner on one of the picnic tables.  So nice.

Perfect place for dinner

On to our stop for the night…  Have to say I really enjoy the Air B&B stops.  What a wonderful way to meet interesting folks and have a personal experience rather than just another room in some long hallway.

Rest after a long day
As the sun slips away

Additional pictures, stories, and details on this interactive map. Enjoy!