RLT: MI & Back – Leg 4

RLT: MI & Back – Leg 4

Saturday 4 Aug 2018

Early start today… We are right on target to get to the concert this afternoon, but we don’t have any extra time and we have to make a quick stop for some sundries.  There is a heavy dew and it’s down right chilly compared to the previous days so liners go into the jackets before we get on the road.  We didn’t beat the sun up but we’re not far behind.  Here is the first glimpse over the water a few minutes into the ride.

Sunrise on the lake

A little sleepy with helmet – jacket – gloves – pants – boots creating a cozy cocoon. I am peaking out, gathering impressions as the scenes slide by in the cool morning breeze…

Arts Festival
A lot going on; arts festival…
Wine tasting
… uncorked wine tasting …
Morning walk

As we road along a ‘feature’ slowly made it’s way into my conscious and popped out at me turning into one of the most memorable parts of the ride today… the signs.   Lots and lots of vacation properties and there were certain stretches of road where the signs in front of each were so very interesting.  The light wasn’t good so the photos are not ‘good’, but I think you will catch the essence.

and more signs

Dogs, rocks, and fish.  Square, colorful, plenty of American flags, and even a ‘non-sign’.  This is only a very small sample.  I had the camera on for just over a minute so, lets say a mile and as I went through the footage there must have been well over 100 examples.  After lifting 50 clips out of the video here are about 25 that seemed to capture that essence of that mile.


As we motored north moving back from the lake just a bit we came to this river and marina.  The early morning light, clouds, promise of the sea and reminders of the Siren call… Lorelei?

Well, we are officially in the north woods 🙂

Paul and Babe

Perhaps I shouldn’t assume?  Having grown up visiting the giant talking Paul and Babe in Brainerd Minnesota I expect everyone knows that the reason there are no trees in the Dakotas is that Paul logged them all one season and that Babe is blue from that wicked cold winter. So cold in fact that spoken words froze solid at night so you had to wait til sun up to hear what was said the day before.

Hey… check this out!  Half way to the North Pole.  What to go?

45th Parallel

Ok, so this was interesting right?  Crazy life guard!  How do I get that job…

Life guard

This was delightful: came around the corner to this flag over the road.  Did someone phone ahead and tell them we were coming?  Can’t really see it in this picture but the fire fighter was so enjoying his work.  Thanks folks for all your work.  After we went down a block it got a little more obvious – there was a bike rally going on.  When we stopped for gas I asked the attendant what was going on, she shrugged and said I don’t know.  There’s the paper maybe it says.  Wow, kinda l me – not so clued into community events.  Too funny.

FIretruck and Flag

No way this could have been planed right?

Leaning pines

Well getting close to ‘the bridge’.  Have to say that anticipation is growing a bit, while it’s been good to travel there is a feeling near the end that it’s time to stop and be at rest.  And the Mighty Mac is quite a way to finish eh?

As I replayed the video of the crossing this shot of the cables arching up and away struck me as a particularly notable.  It kinda all comes together and having another bike in the shot – what a sweet bonus!

Mighty Mac
Mighty Mac

Number two shot?  Almost a toss up between this and on in the center of the main span where the big top cables comes down to the road surface, but this wins.  The opposite tower in the distance looking through the legs is quite a sight to be sure.

Then we are home… Little house in the big north woods. Last little bit of travel down the narrow driveway between the lush green trees.  It’s almost like they reached across us with their limbs brushing off the hustle and bustle of the outside world as we passed and linked together as a closing gate behind us, an island of serenity.

Little house in the big woods

Sure hope you enjoyed this journey north with us.  Pictures never do the landscape and scenery justice, they really only whet one’s appetite and stir the imagination to go see for your self.  I certainly hope that will be the effect of these little morsels.

All this new fangled stuff that makes sharing like this possible still causes me to sit back and oohhh and ahhh just a little even though I have worked in a tech industry for lots of years.  Take full advantage of it. Please.  Read the descriptions, look at the pictures.  Zoom in and out of the maps and explore the route.  But don’t make the mistake of thinking that’s ‘it’.  Get out there as do!  Happy travels, hope to meet you soon on your adventure…

Additional pictures, stories, and details available on this interactive map… Enjoy!