RLT: MI & Back – Arrived

RLT: MI & Back – Arrived

Saturday – Monday 4 – 6 Aug 2018

Well, we’re here!  The four day journey is done and we are about to surprise Joe at his concert… Oh, have I mentioned that yet?  The pretense for this trip was to come to the concert.  We timed it right, Joe is off starting the set up and we have just enough time to get ready and ride up with Janice.

Bike to Car
From Motorcycle to Car

Kinda funny to spend days traveling then hop right into a car and drive another hour :-).  It was sure nice though, catching up a little on the way.  The event is at the Point Iroquois Light on Lake Superior’s White Fish Bay.  A pretty spot for sure, complete with a very official looking light keeper!


We had time before the concert to take a tour of the light.  The miniature chapel reminded me of the perils of the sea for some reason, and the ship in the background was so perfect. The view from the top hints at the vastness of the lake – and this is only Whitefish Bay.

Model Chapel
Are mariners prone to pray?
Iroquois Point Light
Iroquois Point Light
"Laker" Steaming Out
“Laker” Steaming out as seen from the light

The concert was lots of fun… always good to see these two up front performing.  Joe did a great job on the format; song story song, all maritime themed with lots of stories from his time in the Coast Guard.  What a hoot!

Fabulous Duo
Wonderful Music, Great Stories…

After the event we walked down to the shore…

Cairn: Marking the way
Yes, we were actually there 🙂

Time together isn’t complete without food right?  As we were walking to lunch I couldn’t help but grab a picture of the house across the street… It’s so charming, and look at the flowers!  Oh, we are in car country right?

Michigain lake scene
Nice house… and it is Michigan so a car? Of course!
Sitting on the waterfront reminds me of an ‘east coast’ comment:
“There’s beaches in Michigan?”
Check this dude out!
What a cool idea right?

Monday night we went to a very special place for dinner.  Out in the middle of the woods along lake Michigan Leggs Inn is worth a special trip.  I love the history of it – Polish immigrant with a little wild artsy in him found a place that reminded him of the homeland and went to work creating his dream.   He passed in the late 60’s but the family has continued on, and what treat.  Here are a few photos, enjoy…

Legs Inn
Named by the stove legs on the roof-line
Driftwood Sculpture
Fantastic sculptures through out…
Elaborate Bar
So much going on!
Monstrous flower!
This bee kept getting lost in this giant flower 🙂
Garden Trellis
Grounds and gardens as lovely as the meal
Western View
Sit and watch a sunset?

After dinner we stopped by the Gold Mine Jewelry store, pretty interesting place.  I particularly liked the kaleidoscopes – and they had all kinds.  Little ones, big ones, even binocular styled.  And guess what?  You can take pictures through them!

Well, the weekend was so sweet; visiting and dining while seeing a couple of local sights.  It’s sure is fun to reconnect with folks like this.  All too soon it’s time to go, but before we do take a moment to enjoy a some additional pictures, stories, and details available on this interactive map…