RLT: Augusta Bound – Leg 5

RLT: Augusta Bound – Leg 5

5 Sep 2019

Totally off the motorcycle subject, but… way cool if you ask me! After breakfast today this rig rolled in and set up. Turns out that Al needed some trees removed and found this team to do it for him. I’d never seen tree work done with a crane – it was fascinating and wicked fast.

Setting up the rig
Going to work
Top comes off
Whole crew was on point

Watching the team work together was such a hoot! The arborist and crane operator were bringing the tree down like clock work while the fellow in the skid steer was catching the the logs as they dropped. He would reach up and snag the trunk then back up as it finished coming down leaving it laid out all nice and pretty. Ground guide would unhook, loader grabs it with the grapples, drops it on the trailer, then ready for the next log to come floating out of the sky.

Doesn’t looks like all that much swinging through the air with the greatest of ease…
… when in fact it was quite a large piece of wood!
Magnificent tree, shame to see it go
Last bit
Smaller fella all in one go right over the garage!
Not going anywhere til this is wrapped up

Well, that was not typical content, but certainly fun to watch. Talking with the owner I learned that he was the only outfit in the area that worked this way. He found it to be much faster, safer, and less damaging to the yards. Triple win.

Never tire of beautiful skies

That’s a wrap for today as the sun dips over the horizon, hope you enjoyed coming along. On the patio with good friends a wonderful meal over conversation – nothing better. Never know what you might find along the way while following the road less traveled!