RLT: Augusta Bound – Leg 4

RLT: Augusta Bound – Leg 4

3 Sep 2019

Day 4, here we go!

Rested and Ready to Go!

Light travel day today, only about 150 miles. It was just a bit much last night so we stopped, later start and meander along. Out of the mountains now so the terrain is flat, not supper interesting from a roads/riding perspective.

I suppose we’re in the south?

Well, in no time we were on the outskirts. One quick stop on the way in though, passing through the way-back-time-machine… We came to Ft. Gordon for training at 5th Signal between Biloxi and Wiesbaden oh so many years ago and have so many fond memories of that time. Being in the south for the first time, over summer, poor as a church mouse, the mere change in October climate was off the chart fabulous. Then there was the move from a rather nasty apartment to a wonderful little trailer house. Is it still there?

Yep! Interesting, that’s not quite the way I remember it looking :-/. Too funny… Well, great to ride by and see the place regardless. Such a simpler season of life to be sure. We moved here carrying everything we owned in the back of our pickup with a shell on it – and had room left over to haul several of the guys duffel bags. When we packed out for the PCS there were six boxes total! They were fairly big, but still…

Well, that’s about it. Last hand full of miles was uneventful. We stayed with wonderful friends, celebrated son’s graduation, and had the most fabulous time.

As usual – map below, enjoy!