RLT: Augusta Bound – Leg 7

RLT: Augusta Bound – Leg 7

7 Sep 2019

Well, last day… Fairly light, only about 190 miles through Virginia, but first things first – need a little gas!

Fuel Up!

Couldn’t help but wish we could have dropped into Bubba’s to see what kinda thangs was on the menu :-). Love coming across these gems waaaaay off the beaten path.

Too Bad Bubba’s Wasn’t Open
DQ at Exit 104, Long Standing Tradition

This Dairy Queen has saved me countless tickets on U.S. 301 N! Sooooo many speed traps, but gotta slow down and pay attention to the ice cream don’t you know. LoL. Of course that doesn’t exactly apply when riding, but it’s still a good reminder to back down a touch. Hard when you’re this close to home and ready to get there…

That’s what it’s supposed to look like! Success!!!

I think that about says it all. Very good trip, can’t wait to see what come up next – see you then!