RLT: Local Roads

RLT: Local Roads

Ride ‘all’ the roads near home…

1 Jan 2020

As it turns out Southern Maryland is a wonderful place to ride… Before getting the bike I suspected it was true, having been down a number of little two-lane county roads in the car. That notion was confirmed in spades as I began looking for new and different ways to work last summer, that and short evening or weekend jaunts.

It didn’t take long before I set a goal of exploring all of the roads around Waldorf (St. Charles for those preferring a silver spoon ;-). By ‘all’ I mostly mean those that lead somewhere and don’t dead end. Not so many out and back, although because of the water features there will be a few of those too. Also, I’m not so interested in literally every road in every neighborhood, keeping it to the country side.

I don’t have a great deal to say here, this post is really about the ‘map’. Poke around, pick out a road that you would like to try, and enjoy…