RLT: West Virginia Loop, Day Three

RLT: West Virginia Loop, Day Three

4 Jul 2020

What a pleasant stop for the night. Kathy was such a wonderful host, we sat and talked over coffee for a good part of the morning. Eventually it was time to go though, pack and get ready, then scoot down the driveway and point north.

Natural Chimneys

Just down the road we saw the sign for ‘Natural Chimneys Park’… Have to stop right? What a great find! Erosion is a crazy thing, taking some bits and leaving other parts.

Chimney with Cave

Crazy to see caves through some! What a curious sight….

Dramatic View of one of the Chimneys

… and rather spectacular set against the bright sky.

On the way out of the park we were treated to a 4th of July parade! This sure was fun to see, folks out celebrating the countries birth. Lots of waves and smiles, a double treat for this stop.

Shortly after the park we came up behind a group of seven folks on five bikes (well make that 9/6!) out on a ride. I was particularity tickled because of the variety. Sport bikes, dirt bikes, a cruiser, and us on a sport tourer for several miles. Such a great reminder that you can enjoy the sport in so many ways as individuals and also come together and have a great group ride too.

While doing the trip plan I noticed a pass into Fort Valley that I had never seen before – hummm, it’s gotta be a little mountain road? Yep! Sure was. We came up to it at the bottom and it quickly went from tar to dirt, go on???? Charge!

Ok, when there is a caravan of 4x4s coming down and its narrow enough to be sketchy meeting someone on a bike you shouldn’t really be here on a RT, yet, we are! Gotta love it… Sure do enjoy this stuff :-).

Well, as they say all good things come to an end. Day three is winding down, we are back at camp enjoying the last of the fading daylight and watching the moon slide across the sky. Great memories of places been along with some new ideas of future exploration, perfect. Hope you enjoyed coming along, until next time….

P.S. We did a short 100 mile ride from camp on Tuesday… I didn’t stop for any pictures but, we rode the coolest named road yet. Bear Wallow Hollow Rd!!! You just can’t make this stuff up :-).