RLT: Metro DC BMW Club

RLT: Metro DC BMW Club

Metro DC BMW Group Ride – Apple House & Morgans Ford

22 Aug 2020

Well, we’ve been wanting to meet some folks and ride with a larger group so… today’s the day! Weather wasn’t really cooperating; one trip we signed up for canceled but these folks were hardy and pressed on. A little farther away from us, but Jose posted the route along with some interesting details, it looked like a great ride along some really nice back roads, so we gave a try. Great choice!

Meet-Up and Brief

Nice group of folks, about a dozen in all. Variety of bikes, riding styles, and experience levels. We divided into three smaller groups for the ride then headed out through the country side.

Pretty Roads

There was a few smattering of rain drops and the roads were wet but no rain on the first leg. The low level clouds dancing among the mountains was very pretty.

Magnificent Sky
First Stop: Apple House…

The doughnuts were quite good! We’ve driven past this place on the Interstate countless times over the years and had no idea it even existed. I suppose that’s the point of ‘Roads Less Traveled’ though isn’t it? To find these gems tucked away in plain sight.

…Complete with Mascot!

Moving on from doughnuts we found our way to Monks. Had lunch with the group then we headed out on our own ‘towards home’. This is turning out to be a food day for sure.

Lunch with Monk

On the Way Home…


Here is a serious double take moment. How often are you driving along and see a small jet coming at you! And, just how did it get there anyway? So curious.

You Find the Strangest Lawn Ornaments….
Mosey over to Ellicott City

We rolled through Ellicott City many years ago but, never stopped. It’s been on the list for a while now, and funny enough still is, because we really didn’t get much time here. For today a little more food at the Trolly Stop (quite good) and short stroll in the park along the river.

And More Food!

The park included these cairns and a dedication plaque to Teddy Betts who stacked stones in the river ‘to honor the beauty there’. What a lovely memorial…

Stone Stacked Markers

With that the journey comes to a pause for now. Enjoy a short video with a few clips along the road and follow the route on the map below. Enjoy!