RLT: Kansas! (All about the ride, day 11)

RLT: Kansas! (All about the ride, day 11)

11 Sep 2021

Well, goooood morning! Just look at that wonderfulness on the screen!!! Really liking this bit of Kentucky, just a short way down the road today :-). Is this why it takes twice as long to get anywhere? So be it!

How’s that for a road?
Gazebo in Rhinehart Park

Gauley Bridge is a cute little town, with a nice park along the river, and it’s the perfect time for a stretch. I didn’t realize until we stopped and I looked more closely at the map that this is the rather famous whitewater river Gauley. Visiting with these fishermen I learned that there was a death just days before, and of course it was fresh on their minds. This river is rated one of best in the nation and regularly claims lives, the rapids are not to be trifled with to be sure. Yes big water is thrilling, but make no mistake there are very real risks.

Gauley River fishermen
One of these is not like the others 😉

Right around the corner and what do we have here? A waterfall, just out of Gauley Bridge, very accessible and quite pretty. So many drops, and each has a different and beautiful look! Fall with small flows, it would be fun to see it in spring! I couldn’t decide which photos to cut – so I put several in to help show off the various parts. It really is a magical place, despite the business that comes from being so close to the road.

From a distance…
… then a little closer
Focus on the main drops
… middle…
… lower
Imagine spring with snow melt!
How wonderful is this?!
Drinking it instead of smoke it?
As delicious as it looked

Well, that’s about it for today. As always, follow along on the map below and may you be encouraged to get out an explore your world!